Turn the Tide on Fraud.

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Transforming Money Movement

Real Security for Real Estate Transactions

Let's face it - wire transfer fraud is a major problem in real estate. Make movement safe and simple with Tidal Money's secure solution. Put your company, home buyers and sellers, and real estate agents' minds at ease.

Real estate payments don't have to be risky and complicated.

Secure. Reliable. Convenient.

When it comes to real estate payments security, reliability, and convenience are paramount. Let us show you how we can make the entire process smooth and straightforward from earnest money deposits to cash-to-close payments.

Secure Wire Instructions

Mitigate wire fraud risk by eliminating the need for non-secure emails.

Secure Payments

From earnest money to cash-to-close, we've got you covered securely.

Identity & Account Verification

Verify identities and accounts to help title companies stop fraud before it starts.

Secure Document Sharing

Exchange and access documents securely.

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Tidal Money is the wave of the future in money movement.

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