Earnest Money Made Easy.

We've made submitting earnest money for your new home simple and secure. Ask your Real Estate Agent about using Tidal Money instead of writing a check and driving it to the Title office!
Earnest money payments don't have to be painful.

Secure, easy earnest money payments.

When it comes to earnest money payments - you should feel informed and secure every step of the way. Let us show you how easy it is to make your securely submit your payment.

Bank-Grade Security

Tidal Money incorporates secure, 256-bit AES encryption and adheres to strict SOC2-Certified protocols and guidelines. Your information is safe with us!

Simple to Use

Every step of the earnest money payment process was created with simplicity for the Home Buyer. Submitting your payment takes just minutes!

How to submit your earnest money payment through Tidal Money.

The process is simple!


Your Real Estate Agent or the Title Company initiates the payment request through Tidal Money.


You receive an email from Tidal Money, with a link to create your profile and submit your payment information.


Once your payment is completed, you and your Agent will be notified of successful payment, and you will receive a payment receipt.

Wave Goodbye to Fraud Attempts

Protect Your Money

Fraud is on the rise but you aren't stranded without a lifeboat. Watch our quick video and pick up some tips on how to keep your money safe.


What to expect and how to prepare.

With many options out there for mortgages, it's important to understand how much you'll pay upfront, your monthly payment, and the total cost of your loan. Finding out what you can afford is a crucial first step before beginning your home search.

A real estate agent can help find properties within your budget that fit what you're looking for. Make sure you know the area you'd like to be in and any must-haves for your new space.

Once you're ready, it's time to submit your offer! You'll work with your real estate agent to draft and send your proposed price, any contingencies, and perhaps your desired timeline. Keep in mind that negotiations can occur on any part of your offer, depending on what the seller is hoping to receive.

It's time to express your intent to proceed with your mortgage application! The lender must receive this in order to process your application and fund your loan. You'll also need to purchase homeowner's or property insurance, which is typically rolled into your monthly mortgage payment. You can also purchase an owner's title insurance policy to further protect your financial investment.

Your closing, or settlement, will be done with the help of a title company. You'll sign all your document, pay any closing costs, and make your earnest money (or good faith) payment. There may be a final inspection or appraisal done, and then you'll be handed the keys!