Wave Goodbye to Fraudsters.

Tidal Money's identity and account verification services stop seller impersonators through powerful technology.

Stop seller impersonation fraud.

Seller impersonation fraud is quickly becoming a favorite form of wire fraud used by fraudsters impersonating sellers. Tidal Money leverages cutting edge technology to verify identities and accounts to help title companies stop fraud before it starts.

Trusted Data Sources

Tidal Money leverages non-public data sources via comprehensive Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and BSA/AML programs to verify entities and accounts.


Tidal Money was built for streamlining money movement, which means we've made integrating with your system of record a priority.

Fast and Efficient

Entity and account verification can be requested at any point in the transaction process.


What is Seller Impersonation Fraud, and How do You Protect Yourself?

With the high dollar-amount of real estate transactions, and reduced number of sales over the past year, wire fraud...